Kaizen Denki Tsuyo-360 3-in-1 Powerful Mopping, Washing and Vacuuming Cordless Handheld Cleaner






TSUYO-360 Powerful 3-in-1 Mopping, Washing and Vacuuming Cordless Handheld Cleaner.
1 Year Local Warranty

Break through advance cleaning with excellent feature:

✅ Electrolyzed water capability
✅ Upgraded large size sewage tank and capacity water tank
✅ Designed with ability to clean corners and edges
✅ Super suction power of 13,000 PA
✅ Easy operation on-off power button



New Electrolyzed Water Sterilization and Scrubbing Technology for deeper floor cleaning than conventional mop.
• 99.9% sterilization capability
• Double cleaning effect
• Unreliant of other disinfectants







New Innovative Brush Design
• Designed for cleaning including corners and edges.






Upgraded Water and Sewage Tank Capacity
• Larger water tank (700ML) and sewage tank(1L) capacity to cover larger area
• Reduce frequency of adding and cleaning out sewage tank during usage




Real-time Voice Status Notification

👉🏽 Mode strength
👉🏽 Water absorption mode
👉🏽 Clean out sewage tank reminder







Clean and Dirt Water Separation
• Unpolluted water with separate tanks to dispense clean water as it mops and vacuums dirt water into sewage tank.






Running Water Cleaning System
• Self cleaning roller brush with easy maintenance
• Clean water dispenses from the roller head continually during cleaning cycle to optimise cleaning while it wash, mop and dries the surface.






Two Modes
1. Dry suction
2. Wash, mop and vacuum

• Use Dry Suction mode for stronger more powerful suction than conventional vacuum to remove small particles from carpets.
• Use 3-in-1 mode to wash, mop and vacuum on tiled kitchen floor to remove spilled stains and particles.



Strong, stable and durable with low noise
👉🏽 13,000pa / suction
👉🏽 100,000 rpm
*The data is from manufacturer factory laboratory




Simplifiying Home Chores and Increasing Efficiency
Easy to use features to achieve equally or better results than conventional cleaning method all while saving time on cleaning.






Large battery capacity for longer battery life
• 6,000mAh high-capacity battery
• Able to cover upto 200 square meters in a single use.





Cordless Design for Unrestricted Movements
Freely maneuver device without being limited to distance and wire cord.

Machine self-cleaning system
Device is able to self-clean by pressing on “”Self-Cleaning mode”” after returning device to the base. Device would clean roller brush and pipe simultaneously.

Durable Design
1. Solid-liquid separation of the sewage tank to prevent clogging
2. High-density soft fleece, gentle on the floor
3. Washable filter, dust filter and fan


What’s in the Box
1. Tsuyo360 Cordless Device
2. Charging and cleaning 2-in-1 docking station
3. Cleaning brush
4. Filter
5. Disinfectant generator
6. Roller brush



Product Specification
Product Name : TSUYO-360
Voltage Power : 220W
Battery Capacity : 6,000mAh big capacity battery pack
Charging Time : 3 – 4 hours
Operation Time : > 50mins
Function Prompt : Intelligent voice control
Water Tank : Clean Water Tank 700ml | Sewage Tank 1000ml
Applicable surface : Porcelain slabs, hard floors, low-pile carpet
Rated Power : 220W
Product Weight : 5kg
Product Dimension : 27.1 x 26.5 x 102.8cm


Please ensure to follow the user manual. Here’s what NOT to do with the device:-
1. DO NOT tilt the device more than 40 degrees as the sewage liquid will reverse into the machine and cause water damage.
2. DO NOT vacuum wet floor especially flooded floor that could damage the charging circuit (the charging circuit is very low). This vacuum is not water-resistant.
3. DO NOT lay the device flat 180 degree on the ground. Sewage water will reverse into the machine causing water damage.
4. DO NOT overflow the sewage tank. Overflow of dirt water in the sewage tank will cause water damage to the device.



Warranty Terms & Conditions

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Warranty Terms & Condition:-

Warranty is automatically activated once product is received by the customer. Kaizen Denki warranty covers most electronics components and motors.

However, it does not cover:
1. Any damages caused by wear and tear, abuse, neglect, and or misuse of the product.
2. Scratches, dents, dirt marks, or other mechanical damages
3. Battery degradation
4. Parts such as the fluffy brush, HEPA filter, roller wheels, dust cup, which are consumables and subjected to wear and tear

Product Warranty Terms & Conditions
This warranty covers warranted Kaizen Denki products only. It does not cover accessories, consumable products such as batteries, filters, cartridges etc unless specified.

Warranty Exclusions & Limitations
• This warranty does not cover defects caused by wear and tear, abuse, neglect, and or miseuse of the product.
• This warranty does not cover Kaizen Denki products purchased through unauthorised dealers or overseas.

Warranty Forfeiture
The warranty becomes invalid upon any attempts by an unauthorised 3rd-party to repair or alter the product.
This warranty shall be invalid in when the user(you) fails to provide proof of purchase.

Warranty Claim
For any warranty claims, end-user (“you”) are require to bear shipping cost whereas the return shipping back to you will be borne by Kaizen Denki. Limited warranty is only applicable for one faulty unit only.
Kaizen Denki will not be held responsible for any delay, missing or damage of product during transportation.

Speak to our chat representative for any claims query.
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Kaizen Denki reserves sole right to refuse or reject warranty claims not under coverage 👆

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 7.8 kg
Dimensions 32.5 × 32.5 × 62.5 cm