Kaizen Denki KIYO100 Air Purifier


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Kaizen Denki KIYO-100 Air Purifier

1 Year Warranty



Cleaner air and better breathing with KIYO-100. 4 Layers of protection of filter.

  • Low Radiation
  • Less Odour
  • 3-pin plug | Electric Protection Walt
  • Low Heat Release






High energy saving to reduce cost consumption of your electrical device while you enjoy better air condition.






Model : KIYO100
Product Name : Kaizen Denki KIYO100 Air Purifier
Color : White
Voltage : 220V
Covered Area : 31㎡ -40㎡
Air Volume : 51 – 150m3 per hour
Frequency : 50HZ
Suitable Area : House Living Area
Plug Head : 3 Pin
Noise Level : 55db

👍🏽 Filter reusable and to wash with mild detergent .

📦 What’s inside the box ?📦
1 x KIYO100 Air Purifier
1 x Composite Filter
1 x Remote Control
1 x User Manual




✅ Warranty is automatically activated once product is received by the customer.

✅Kaizen Denki warranty covers most electronics components and motors. However, it does not cover:

  1. Any damages caused by wear and tear, abuse, neglect, and or misuse of the product.
  2. Scratches, dents, dirt marks, or other mechanical damages
  3. Battery degradation
  4. Parts such as the fluffy brush, HEPA filter, roller wheels, dust cup, which are consumables and subjected to wear and tear

Product Warranty Terms & Conditions

  1. This warranty covers warranted Kaizen Denki products only.
  2. It does not cover accessories, consumable products such as batteries, filters, cartridges etc unless specified. Warranty Exclusions & Limitations
  3. This warranty does not cover defects caused by wear and tear, abuse, neglect, and or miseuse of the product.
  4. This warranty does not cover Kaizen Denki products purchased through unauthorised dealers or overseas. Warranty Forfeiture The warranty becomes invalid upon any attempts by an unauthorised 3rd-party to repair or alter the product.
  5. This warranty shall be invalid in when the user(you) fails to provide proof of purchase.
  6. Warranty Claim For any warranty claims, end-user (“you”) are require to bear shipping cost whereas the return shipping back to you will be borne by Kaizen Denki.
  7. Limited warranty is only applicable for one faulty unit only. Kaizen Denki will not be held responsible for any delay, missing or damage of product during transportation.
  8. Speak to our chat representative for any claims query.


❗ Kindly take note ❗

For warranty and exchange, returning cost is born by customer, re-shipment cost is born by Kaizen Denki.